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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to the Class 1 homepage, where you will find lots of useful information and news about the exciting things we do in class. Our class teacher is Miss Keenan and  our teaching assistant is Mrs Portelli.



Pupil of the Week
27/6/14 The Pupil of the Week is Seren Kenny. This week we have had children from Nursery visting Reception to see what it is like and Seren has been so mature and caring towards them. Da iawn i ti Seren!smiley
Welsh Speaker of the Week

27/6/14 Felix Griffiths is the Welsh Speaker of the Week. He always joins in with Fflic a Fflac, and loves reading the Fflic a Fflac books together on the carpet! Gwaith da!no

Topic information

Our topic this half term is 'The Beach'. As part of our context, we will be exploring the beach, investigating plants and animals that live on the seashore, thinking about traditions at the seaside and how we can look after the environment at the beach.


In Religion, our topic is 'Friends' where we will be talking about how we can make friends, learning that Jesus had good friends and what Jesus tells us about friendship.


In Literacy we are looking at a variety of books including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We are continuing each week with our reading, phonics and spellings.


In Maths, we will be doing some topic work including money, time and shape and developing our counting skills. We have just started to use our new Maths scheme, 'Abacus'.

Our role play area is 'Fairground at the Seaside'.

We will be visiting a beach and doing plenty of exploring as part of our context in a few weeks time.

If you have any books or objects which match our topic at home, we would be grateful if you could bring them in so our class can look at them!

Sun and sand at Barry Island!

Pond dipping at Cosmeston Lakes

We are really enjoying our Pitter Patter Puddle Play topic!

Some pictures from our Eisteddfod!

Here are some pictures of our 'Battle of the Dinosaurs' topic!

This is our Religion display, thinking about all the things we celebrate!

Here are some pictures of our trip to see how we celebrate in church.

The Bossy King 2013


In literacy we are learning our sounds, getting ready for learning to write letters and preparing to start to read.


Every week we do Guided Group Reading, phonic and writing sessions.


When you child can hear and identify all sounds and know its corresponding letter as well as blend (e.g. when given the individual sounds "c - a - t" can put it together to say "cat") and segment words (When given the word "cat" and break it down into individual sounda"c - a - t") your child will be put on individual reading books. These are returned to school on Thursdays.


Please do not worry if you child is not on individual reading books at the moment. All children learn at different paces and need to have all the above skills in place in order to be successful readers. Remember all children have learnt to walk at different ages, yet all children can walk well and being an early walker doesn't necessarily mean you're a better walker. This principle is the same as reading.


It is important to read with/to your child every night. This has been proven to be a key indicator of future success in school.

This should be seen as a precious time to share with your child, rather than a chore. Follow your child interests and if they want to read the same book over and over again, please encourage this and let them. Although this is tedious for us, this is very important for the child because memorising a story means they feel like readers and later on when they start writing stories they can use these memorised stories to help them with content and structure.


In maths we learn about numbers and numerals and their properties. We learn how to order them, put them fron the smallest number to the biggest number, matching the correct numeral to the correct number of objects and much, much  more.


We also learn topic Maths: This is when we learn about money, shape, measure, time etc.

Past Pupils of the Week
20/6/14 Tomos Dunn received the award for his excellent work and enthusiasm during phonics this week. Ardderchog Tom!smiley
13/6/14 Miss Keenan couldn't choose just one person for Pupil of the Week- this week everyone received the award! This was because we were all so well behaved on our school trip to Barry Island and we had an absolutely fantastic time!
6/6/14 Mathilde Griffiths received the award this week for her super explanation of Pentecost in our Religion lessons! Gwaith da Mathilde!smiley
23/5/14 Keeley Welch has received Pupil of the Week for her super writing in Literacy this week and finding the sounds in the words all by her self!smiley

16/5/14  Oliwia Malyska- working very hard in Maths this week and always listening very carefully! smiley

4/4/14 Jainam Khandar won the award this week for being so kind a lovely friend. Ardderchog Jainam!
28/3/14 Patrick Mansfield was awarded Pupil of the Week for his interest and enthusiasm on our school trip to Cosmeston Lakes. smiley

21/3/14 Tebeb Chane received the certificate this week for her fantastic start to Class 1- she has enjoyed making lots of new friends and getting stuck in with all of our fin activities this week!

14/3/14 Flix Griffiths has won this week's certificate for his enthusiasm for reading! Felix has been concentrating very hard on pointing to the words as he is reading and doing the same at home too! smiley
7/3/14 Nikola Jastrzebska has won the Pupil of the Week certificate this week for her fabulous singing and dancing in the Eisteddfod! Bendigedig! smiley

14/2/14 Evan Lewis had the certificate this week for his super writing in Literacy and for always listening carefully and being ready to learn!smiley

7/2/14 Gabriella McCarthy received this week's certificate because she has concentrated so well all week. She has been trying really hard in her POPAT (phonics) group and worked well in Maths, asking questions for our class survey!

31/1/14 Natalia Melendez received the Pupil of the Week certificate for her excellent start at St. Mary's Primary! She is working hard and has already made lots of friends! Croeso i St. Mary's!

24/01/14 Mitra received this week's award for her excellent letter and number formation in class, and her hard work in general all week! smiley

17/1/14 This week Miss Keenan couldn't choose just one Pupil of the Week- the whole class received the certificate for their excellent behaviour on our trip to the museum! Super listening and enthusiasm!
10/1/14 This week the Pupil of the Week is Emilian Siedlar. This was for his excellent independent sounding out and writing of words in his Religion work on celebrations.
13/12/12 This week Ruan Mansfield received the certificate for his honesty and accepting responsibility for his actions

This week (5/12/13) Maja Cichon is pupil of the week. Maja always listens well and her speaking skills are excellent. She is gaining lots of confidence in speaking English. She is always sensible in class and can be relied on to do any job.

Well done Maja!

This week (29/11/13) Stefano Godino got pupil of the week for his excellent work in writing the letter 'c'. I was impressed by Stefano's perseverance and attention to detail. Stefano remembered all the points which make a good letter c and put it into practice.

Well done Stefano!

Past Welsh Speakers of the Week
Gabriella McCarthy is the Welsh Speaker of the week- she has been able to answer 'Sut mae'r tywydd heddiw' every day! Gwaith da!no
13/6/14 Mitra Ahmed has been listening beautifully to the new vocabulary in Welsh Fflic a Fflac sessions and always remembers to say 'Dw i'n...' when she's asnwering the register. Gwych
6/6/14 Nikola Jastrzebska always listens and joins in beautifully with the songs we hear in 'Fflic a Fflac' and can explain how she is feeling yn Nghymraeg!no
23/5/14 Tebeb Chane has been doing some fantastic counting in Welsh this week!no
16/5/14 Natalia Melendez is this week's Welsh Speaker. She sings beautifully along with Fflic a Fflac and always tries to think of interesting ways to answer 'Sut wyt ti?' no
4/4/14 Vanessa Goj has been doing some super counting in Fflic a Fflac this week, and could remember lots of the words when we put on our Fflic a Fflac music CD and sang along. no
28/3/14 Julia Intriglia-Cascon always listens and responds when we watch 'Fflic a Fflac.' This week we read a Fflic a Fflac story book together and Julia was very good at responding!no
21/3/14 Kacper Mankus has answered the register in Welsh every day this week and has told me, 'Dw i'n hapus!' Ardderchog Kacper!
14/3/14 Micheal has been doing lots of Welsh speaking this week- he knows lots of weather words! Our class has been very happy this week as 'Mae hi'n heulog!' no

14/2/14 Mathilde has been listening to Fflic a Fflac very carefully this week, and repeating the vocabulary and joining in with all the songs- ardderchog!crying

7/2/14 Stefano Godino. Stefano listens carefully and joins in when we watch Fflic a Fflac with our milk and he has been  using Welsh phrases in the classroom! Ti'n seren, Stefano!smiley

31/01/14 Emil Siedlar has been busy speaking lots of Welsh this week! When Emil can't find something, he always asks 'Ble mae... ?' and thinks of lots of ways to answer, 'Sut wyt ti?' Ardderchog Emil! smiley

24/01/14 This week Eoghan is Welsh speaker of the week. Eoghan was chosen because when we answer 'Sut wyt ti?' during the register, he always remembers to say 'Dw i'n' when he answers.

Gwaith da Eoghan! smiley

17/1/14 Evan Lewis is Welsh Speaker of the Week- he always joins in with Fflic and Fflac on the carpet and sings along! Ardderchog!
10/1/14 Patrick Mansfield won this week's Welsh Speaker of the Week certificate for always thinking of interesting ways of answering 'Sut wyt ti?' Gwaith da!
13/12/13 This week Jainam Khandhar is the Welsh Speaker of the Week. He always joins in with the songs and counting when we watch Fflic and Fflac at milk time. Da iawn!

This week (5/12/13) Ruan Mansfield is Welsh speaker of the week. Ruan was chosen because every day when we watch Fflic a Fflac, Ruan joins in with all the songs, counting and will answer the questions in Welsh.

Da iawn Ruan!

This week (29/11/13) Natalya Kyle - Gabriel is our Welsh speaker of the week.  Mrs Thomas (class 2's teaching assistant) heard Natalya and Seren counting in Welsh whilst waiting to go into the hall. This spontaneous Welsh speaking is exactly what we want to hear from our young learners!

Bendigedig Natalya!