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Pupil of the week


July 11th

Denis - for excellent ideas when designing a lifeboat..

Welsh Speaker of the week


July 11th



Class 4

Dosbarth Pedwar



Congratulations to the class for delivering a wonderful assembly on Holidays and Holidays.


The pirate party was a roaring success.....pirate cakes and punch was topped off with pirate songs games and competitions.


Welcome to Class 4


Croseo i'r Dosbarth 4


 Welcome to Class 4's homepage.  There are 24 children in the class, Miss Hogan is the class teacher and Mrs Walker is our teaching assistant.



Our current topic is 'Meals'.  Our new topic 'Holidays and Holydays'.


Language,Literacy and Communication


The children will be exploring a variety of genres this term, including  stories, poetry and non-fiction texts.

The children have the opportunity to read to an adult throughout the week.  Please ensure that they bring their books to school daily.




The children are developing their mental methods of calculation using 'Big Maths'.

If you could continue to work on the Learn it's sent home over half term I would be very grateful.

W/B 3/3/14 the children will be exploring the relationship between doubling and halving as we introduce a new Maths scheme called Abacus.

W/B 10/3/14 the children will be investigating fractions and mixed numbers.

w/b  21/3/14 the children have been learning to tell the time, analogue and digital for o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

w/b 31/3/14 - the children have been working on counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s and thinking about the language of multiplication, lots of and times.  They have also been counting amounts of money.

w/b 12/5/14  - ordering numbers to 100/200, recognising place value of numbers and adding 2 digit numbers counting on in 10's and ones.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Our context for learning this half term is 'Land Ahoy'.

This context will begin with a Pirate afternoon on Friday 23rd May.




This terms  the children will be reading 'Morgan a Morwr' together .

The children will continue to develop their Welsh through the  'Helpwr Heddiw' programme.


Physical Development


We have P.E. on a Friday.  Please ensure that the children have a suitable change of clothes. ( T-shirt and shorts).

As the weather has improved if the children could bring in trainers.









Our Pirate Party

Our Pirate Party 1
Our Pirate Party 2
Our Pirate Party 3
Our Pirate Party 4
Our Pirate Party 5
Our Pirate Party 6
Our Pirate Party 7
Our Pirate Party 8

Our trip to Cog Moors

Our trip to Cog Moors 1
Our trip to Cog Moors 2
Our trip to Cog Moors 3
Our trip to Cog Moors 4
Our trip to Cog Moors 5
Our trip to Cog Moors 6
Our trip to Cog Moors 7
Our trip to Cog Moors 8
Our trip to Cog Moors 9
Our trip to Cog Moors 10
Our trip to Cog Moors 11
Our trip to Cog Moors 12




 A plea for small boxes that the children can use in the creative area - eg, toothpaste boxes, oxo cube boxes, smartie tubes etc.  Thank you in  advance.


Wedding Pictures

Wedding Pictures 1 The wedding cake- created by Olivers' Nan
Wedding Pictures 2 Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Wedding Pictures 3 Top table.
Wedding Pictures 4 Tucking into the wedding breakfast.
Wedding Pictures 5
Wedding Pictures 6 Cheers! A Toast.
Wedding Pictures 7 Guests enjoying the reception in all their finery!
Wedding Pictures 8
Wedding Pictures 9 Speeches.
Wedding Pictures 10 A toast to the happy couple.
Wedding Pictures 11 Cutting the cake.
Wedding Pictures 12 Hannah on the violin, the wedding entertainment.
Wedding Pictures 13 The evening disco!
Wedding Pictures 14 The evening disco!