St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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We have been finding out where all our pupils went on holiday and using the data to create graphs. Here are some of our results.


We have been guessing how many items were in a box and then checking to see how accurate our estimations were.


Our first context topic is Family Album. As part of this topic we have been learning about how families have changed in the last 100 years. We have been writing about our own families, finding out about our family tree and learning about what life was like for families in the Victorian era. This links into our RE topic Families.

Here are some of our Family Album projects.

We are exploring how the Victorians lived in our role play area.


Inspired by Swiss artist Paul Klee we made our own self-portraits using pastels and crayons.

Pupil Voice

The children of Class 3 are in charge on a Friday afternoon when they decide what activities they would like to do as part of our Pupil Voice initiative.

Here are some of our favourite activities.

Our Class Trip To St Fagans National Museum of History

At the end of a very busy day, our time travelling historians returned to the 21st Century exhausted.

Our Class Saint

As part of our work on our Context topic  Family Album, Julia's Nan kindly agreed to come and tell us what life was like when she was a little girl and all about her family. She brought pictures from her own family album including wedding pictures and even showed the class the pearls she wore on her wedding day. Everyone had lots of questions!

Julia's Nan shows us some photos from her "Family Album".

Still image for this video



Children in Year 2 learned how to be safer pedestrians this academic year when they got the chance to take part in Kerbcraft. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this possible and Cardiff Council's Kerbcraft Support Officers.

Children were taken out of school in small groups to learn three main skills: 


  1. Choosing Safe Places and Routes to Cross the Road
    Children are helped to recognise dangers and hazards and identify alternative crossing places.
  2. Crossing Safely at Parked Cars
    Children are taught how to use a safe strategy for crossing near parked cars - when avoiding them is impossible.
  3. Crossing Safely Near Junctions
    Children are introduced to the problems of simple and complex junctions, and taught a strategy for looking systematically in all directions.

Having proved they can all now look and listen before crossing safely they were rewarded with their Kerbcraft certificates.

Hard at work!


Anyone for Tennis?

RE: Thank you to Mrs Foster who came to talk to us about her work in St Mary of the Angels Church, to explain what happens at the Children's Liturgy at 10am Mass on Sunday and the good work which goes on in our parish community.

The Ghastly Gravy on the Starship Gastromo

Pupils got a life lesson on food hygiene thanks to a theatre company workshop organised by the Food Standards Agency.





Inspired by our work on Fairy Tales we made pop-up cards.

Our post office and corner shop is now open for business.

Through play we are learning more about weight and solving some real-life maths problems.

Class 3's Sorting Office!

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Our Class Assembly: March 20, 2018