St Mary's Catholic Primary School

In Jesus' footsteps we learn, love and grow together to be the best that we can be!

School Houses

Every child is allocated a house to be part of when they start school. Our 'Tai Ysgol' (School House) are named after saints and were chosen by our Mini Vinnies Senedd Group.


Along with a saint's name, each house is allocated a colour. Children nare asked to wear t-shirt's of their house colour on sports days and for PE days.


Find out about each saint by clicking the links below:

At St. Mary's we are growing to be intentional and prophetic. These virtues come from our Catholic Pupil Profile, a list of virtues that we are growing to become to be more like Jesus.


Our house saints are role models of being intentional and prophetic. They made good choices in order to help others and they stood up for what and who they believed in, God. We can learn from them and grow to be like them every day.