St Mary's Catholic Primary School

In Jesus' footsteps we learn, love and grow together to be the best that we can be!

School Staff


Miss C Russell


Deputy Headteacher/ PS1 & 2 Leader of Learning

Mrs S Richards


Senior Teachers

Mrs A Fletcher - Additional Learning Needs Coordinator

Miss A McLoughlin - PS3 Leader of Learning


Teaching Staff

Miss A McLoughlin - Year 6

Mr M Lawrence - Year 5

Mrs M Lewis - Year 4

Mrs S Richards - Year 3

Mrs J Laydon - Year 2

Mrs M Walsh - Year 1

Miss M Sheikh - Reception


Nursery Staff

Mrs N Walker - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mis N Baker - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Portelli - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Glowacka - Teaching Assistant (am)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Kemble - Reception

Mrs  T Thomas/ Miss M McGuinness - Year 1

Mrs P Searle - Year 2

Mrs L Ahmun - Year 3

Miss S Redmond/ Mrs P Martin - Year 4

Mrs E Glowacka - Year. 5 (pm)

Mrs J Powell - Year 6


Administrative Staff

Miss C Allan


Estates Manager

Mr A Antunes


Kitchen Staff

Mrs G Williams

Mrs N Nicholls


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs G Williams - Coordinator

Mrs L Ahmun - Supervisor

Mrs C Cooke - Supervisor